Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Good Omen

Last Saturday we went to a birthday bash at the Brewery Tap in Abingdon and it took no more than 2 minutes before Ewan was introduced to Paul and Carole, houseboat owners for 14 years on the river Thames in the Abingdon area. Ewan was chuffed when he realised that Paul was the brother of one of his mates who had just recently told him to have a chat with them. The world is such a tiny place, isn't it. Paul and Carole offered very kindly to come visit them and have a good chat about living in a boat, but also spoke about the possibility of renting theirs when they are travelling, so we can get a good idea of what it is like. This certainly is a good omen, right?

A day later, at the 3Bs fundraiser event, one of Ewan's "brothers" (from A Band of Brothers), who had read about our venture, offered us their narrowboat for a holiday this summer. Another omen.


I'm a spiritual person (grounded as well - so, no 'nananunu') and take this as a further sign of the Universe that our dream is blessed and meant to come true. All will be well and falling into place.

So far, we only get full support from everyone. We still haven't told our parents, though. Just so worried they won't sleep. We'll do it Friday lunch time.

Next step: Asking a friend to help us repair the kitchen tap and find out how to clear the utility room's ceiling from mould.

I was a good girl today and have done some weeding in the garden - ooooh my poor back. Must rest now :)

Yes, you are seeing a pack of meat defrosting in the sun LOL

Till soon xxx

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