Saturday, 22 July 2017

The rain, our parents and stuff

We have a date with Paul and Carole - Yey! They will welcome us on their boat and we'll have a good chat about moving from the land to the river. We're excited 😀

Right now, there is not much more to report. Only that we have got rid of some stuff, have put things on Ebay and have contacted a friend to help us with the repair of the kitchen tap.

But we haven't spoken to our parents, yet. Coming Monday we're invited to my in-laws for supper. We'll have to pluck up some courage .... Don't get me wrong - they are the most wonderful people I've ever known; they are tolerant, open-minded, open-hearted and so very loving and lovable. But we believe that one of their great values is to own a house - on the land. We simply expect them to feel rocked by this news of ours. And we hate the idea that my mother-in-law is going to have even less sleep in the near future, worrying about us.

It's been raining all day here in Abingdon. That made us both think the same thought: What would it be like on the barge now? What would we do on a day like this? We both came to the conclusion that we would do exactly the same as we do now - we'd be on our computers, avoiding to go outside. I must admit, I haven't been out with my dog (shame on me, I know), but my darling Ewan has already had a long bike ride this morning (bless him), so he's off the hook.

We've been telling more friends and acquaintances about our mission, and we've had nothing but applause. Weird! But good 😊

I would like to use this blog to write about other things that move me, so, be prepared that not everything will be about the boat dream-come-true thing.

Here's a peaceful image of me gazing into nature. I can't wait doing that every day ...

And here's a pic of my sweet dog Jack running through the grass:

Tonight we're going to a big Sophos Party. Shame that the weather is not with us on this one. I need to become more English and not be so bothered by rain.

Cheerio, and talk to you soon x

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Good Omen

Last Saturday we went to a birthday bash at the Brewery Tap in Abingdon and it took no more than 2 minutes before Ewan was introduced to Paul and Carole, houseboat owners for 14 years on the river Thames in the Abingdon area. Ewan was chuffed when he realised that Paul was the brother of one of his mates who had just recently told him to have a chat with them. The world is such a tiny place, isn't it. Paul and Carole offered very kindly to come visit them and have a good chat about living in a boat, but also spoke about the possibility of renting theirs when they are travelling, so we can get a good idea of what it is like. This certainly is a good omen, right?

A day later, at the 3Bs fundraiser event, one of Ewan's "brothers" (from A Band of Brothers), who had read about our venture, offered us their narrowboat for a holiday this summer. Another omen.


I'm a spiritual person (grounded as well - so, no 'nananunu') and take this as a further sign of the Universe that our dream is blessed and meant to come true. All will be well and falling into place.

So far, we only get full support from everyone. We still haven't told our parents, though. Just so worried they won't sleep. We'll do it Friday lunch time.

Next step: Asking a friend to help us repair the kitchen tap and find out how to clear the utility room's ceiling from mould.

I was a good girl today and have done some weeding in the garden - ooooh my poor back. Must rest now :)

Yes, you are seeing a pack of meat defrosting in the sun LOL

Till soon xxx

Friday, 7 July 2017

Snap decision

During those beautiful warm summer days it is especially difficult to be patient with regard to realising our dream. I've been walking my dog Jack every day along the river in Abingdon, and I look at the barges with even more yearning now. I envy everyone who is already living this lifestyle close to nature.

The day before yesterday I took a snap decision and signed up with House Simple, in order to get the house sold as soon as possible (don't like mainstream estate agents, would rather sell the house privately). My thinking was, we don't have to commit to anything, but we will get an idea of what our property is worth. When Ewan came home he looked unhappy, though, so I sat down with him and we had a chat. The decision whether or not he'll have a job has been postponed another 2 weeks, and it's becoming hardly bearable for him. Poor Darling. Other stuff is also going on at work, e.g. one of his colleagues has got the sack. It's so bloody sad. What's going on at the County Council right now - I have only one word for it: Disgusting.
Anyway - to get back to the point - Ewan didn't have his head free for selling houses, so, he asked me to wait with getting Estate Agents here. Also, he feels we need to do some cosmetics first. He has a point, I gather. When I want something I want it NOW 😁 So, I'll have to cancel with House Simple again and be patient and do the step-by-step thing. Glad I have my Steadfast - he's so good for me.

It's not raining, so, the earth is really dry and hard; and it's hot. Therefore, I decided that garden work (de-weeding etc) is not on at the moment. I will sell stuff on Ebay now. Get some money in and rid of stuff as an added bonus. Anyone want a beautiful, fully functional dark brown double leather recliner sofa? We're finally selling it. It won't come with us - too big and bulky. Very comfy though 😆

Please, Weather God, let it rain cats and dogs all night tonight and then let us have more of this wonderful summer warmth at the weekend. Thank you!

Oh - P.S. -
If you'd like to support a wonderful Charity called "A Band of Brothers", please come along to 3Bs Fundraiser event at Sunningwell this Sunday (9th July). We'll put on a barbecue (even vegan and veggy options available), bands, offerings like Reiki etc., and Ewan will play his Rock & Blues in between, cause he's The DJ. This will be a real nice, fun family event.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

So much to do

So, now that we're going to do this, there is just so much we need to do - it feels overwhelming to me. I guess, listing a few things might help?

  • Get rid of stuff - Am I going to sell things or take them to the Charity Shop? Both, I guess. But it's so much work 😖 And where do I start? I'll start with the stuff that goes to the Charity Shop - things that I don't expect people will spend money on Ebay. It's so hard for me to let go of things. They somehow seem to be part of me - memories, collections... What if I miss them when they're gone? Can they possibly go with me onto the boat? No. I don't want stuff anymore. It's time to let go. Carol and George said it's so liberating, and recently Ewan and I watched The Minimalists on Netflix and found it liberating to just watch others free themselves from possessions. So, I can do this. I will do this.

  • Put the house on the market - Yeah, I'd like to do that today. Nevertheless, the garden needs attention, the super expensive hob has a diagonal crack from top left to bottom right, the bath tub has a crack (the coat won't last forever), the kitchen tap is loose, drips and leaks. The kitchen walls need a new coat of colour, so does the living room. Carpets need cleaning; the front lawn needs new grass, the patio needs weeding. Ewan has cut the hedge, bless him; that's something. Okay - before we've done the house and garden up we can't get the estate agent here. At least the cosmetics need doing.

  • Do houseboat research - Carol and George have given us some helpful tips where to find boats. But does it make sense to look now? It's like when we last sold and bought a house, first get some interest, then start looking for a new home. At least that's how I see it at the moment. But there's other research to be done. We need to understand how to maintain a boat, how to even get it here if it comes from another part of the world. Mooring costs, taxes - Will we even find a mooring? They're not easily available. I need to go to Rosie's Cafe and Boat Hire and get a boaters' magazine. I can do that. I'll have a lovely walk along the canal with Jack and then a coffee and a read.
  • Tell our parents - Right now this seems to be the hardest bit. Most of our family and friends know, but we haven't told our parents. We expect resistance. They'll talk us out of it. They'll infect us with their fears and doubts. Again - speaking to Carol and George helped us a little, as afterwards we felt we could tell them. But today is another day, and my fear of their reaction is back. Well - we have time, haven't we.

Ewan might find out today if he still has a job. I better get busy and not think about it. Just hoping for the best. Somehow, I feel the Universe is with us all the way. I feel a green light.

Let's get do stuff now.

See you later,
Silvia 🙋

Monday, 3 July 2017

Meeting others who've done it

Yesterday, we walked along the Thames in Abingdon, and it didn't take long that we noticed this beautiful wide-beam boat - one of those that we're looking to get if it all works out. We looked at each other and knew we'd knock on their door to ask lot of questions.

Carol and George were instantly warmly welcoming us in. After introductions and telling them about our dream, George took us on a guided tour of "Still Rockin" ( What a beautiful interior, and so much space!! We got a lot of very valuable information on best width, length, height, horse power and so much more. How lovely was THAT???! Stepping out of the boat, we were even more convinced that this is not just a dream, but one that will come true for us.

Soon, we'll be able to have this kind of view every day...

More than ever, we feel very excited. Boaters, next year we'll be one of you 😀